Stewardship 2018 – The Cheerful Giver


As you consider completion of your year-end pledge and other philanthropies remember you can make a gift from your retirement account.  If you are 70 ½ or older, you can directly transfer up to $100,000 per year to COI and other charitable organizations.  The transfer counts toward your required minimum distribution (RMD) and you do not have to pay income taxes on it.

In addition, not related to your retirement account, you can donate appreciated securities (that you might have been considering selling) you have held more than one year and receive a tax deduction for the appreciated amount and not your cost basis.  This is a widely used tactic at year end, and is much better tax-wise than selling the securities and then making a donation.

Please contact your investment or tax advisor for advice and then have him contact our finance office to help with the execution.  It can be done easily.

Thank you.

Martha Wright, Treasurer

If you need a pledge card please let Kirsten know at or 828-526-2968. Thank you.


In the beginning God created us to be stewards of creation. Genesis tells us that we are to tend God’s garden as faithful tenants, not as owners.

Faithful Christian Stewardship is a gift to help us maintain this proper relationship with our Creator, and, in so doing, live a good and holy life. It is so much more than funding a budget or “paying our fair share.” Stewardship is at the heart of our very being.

God wants and expects a significant portion of all that we have been given: our Time, which is in God’s hand; our Talents, which are God’s gifts, and our Treasure, which ultimately belongs to God.

The programs and ministries of the Church of the Incarnation are all intended to make us better disciples of Jesus Christ. You are invited to enter in with a whole heart. There is no better place to begin or continue than an intentional life of stewardship. View the ministries, worship and education offerings and stewardship opportunities set out on our web site. Let us know how we can help.

Bell Tower Endowment

The Bell Tower Endowment (BTE) is an enduring legacy that provides funds for maintenance and capital improvements for our historic church and grounds for perpetuity. The BTE funds are kept separate from the church operating accounts. The principal continues to increase with good management and by regular additions through donations and bequests.

The monies contributed to BTE have been used for drainage around the chapel, new gutters on the chapel, computers, a new sound system, new lights in the Nave, painting the bell tower, air handlers on the roof, wireless microphones, roof repairs, etc.

Contributions to the Bell Tower Endowment (BTE) may be given in honor or memory of loved ones, for a birthday gift or just because!

Your gift will continue to grow and grace others long after you’ve gone. If you are interested in learning more about the Bell Tower Endowment, please contact Anne Jones at 770-262-2657.

BTE Board:

President: Anne Jones
VP for Donor Relations: Frank Langford
VP for Finance:  John Mitchener
Secretary: Carol Lucas

Coming Soon

We know people often like to honor the memories or contribute to funds that speak specifically to the passions or interests of themselves or their loved ones. To provide you with giving and contribution options, we are establishing other Endowments, including a Music Endowment and an Outreach Endowment. Watch this space for more information in the coming months.