Several decades ago two parishioners, Tony and Isabel Chambers, realized the need for a Memorial Garden for Incarnation. Their foresight lead to the development of a lovely garden at the north side in the niche created by the office space that had been added to the original church. Much research and work went into the garden and Tony and Isabel were instrumental in its design and development.
All gardens need constant care and renewal. With the encouragement of the Building and Grounds Committee, several parishioners undertook the task of revitalizing the garden following the application of a granite wall over the existing foundation, repairing the granite pillars, and scraping and painting the fence. Native plants selected by members of the Garden Committee with the help of Isabel and Jeannie Chambers in the fall of 2016 and have now been planted.
That revitalization took place over the past several weeks. Survey flags were positioned to avoid interfering with the sites where ashes of former parishioners are placed. Native Christmas Ferns, Shortia, miniature Mountain Laurels, and Hellebores were planted for year-round beauty. The Japanese Maple was left in place. The area now has a drip irrigation system to sustain the plants. Flame Azaleas, and Yews adorn the outer fence with Christmas Ferns, Shortia, and Hellebores interspersed between the shrubs.
Trees were trimmed back to allow more sunlight to the area, and a dwarf native Dogwood has been added to the outer boundary of the garden. At a later date, a new door will replace the present entrance, and a portico will be added making the architectural lines consistent with those of the remaining church structures.
It is with gratitude that this living legacy has been given to the parish. Thank you, Tony and Isabel, and may God bless the memory of those parishioners whose ashes are interred in this lovely spot.


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