When a victim of domestic violence works up the courage to leave an abusive situation and seek shelter for herself and her children, the question often arises: What about the pets?
The uprooting of their lives can be traumatic enough. But when a pet is involved, it can be doubly agonizing – especially for children – if that pet isn’t nearby for friendship and solace.

REACH of Macon County provides shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children with modern, clean facilities on a beautiful campus near Franklin.But when it comes to pets, there is no home for them there. The animals are kept at another facility off campus and away from the families that love them.The folks at REACH have long wanted an animal shelter on the property.

REACH covers Macon and Jackson counties – including Highlands and Cashiers. An acronym for Resources, Education, Assistance, Counseling, Housing, REACH is one of the agencies supported by Incarnation through its Outreach Committee. Members of that committee are interested in helping REACH achieve its dream of the animal shelter.
Currently, we are looking for plans for a shelter with a capacity for six dogs and room for cats and, maybe, rabbits.

We have money for the project. Now we’re looking for “know-how.” If you’ve had any experience with designing a shelter, let us know. When it comes time to build the shelter, we want members of Incarnation to roll up their sleeves and help out. We’ll let you know what we need then.

Ron Leslie

Bill Lee


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