Arf! We Have a Building Permit

Can you swing a hammer? Can you handle a power saw? Can you paint? Do you have a pick-up truck? Have you ever set up a chain-link fence? Are you comfortable on a ladder? Ever used a trenching machine?

Soon, your Outreach Committee will be issuing a call for volunteers to build a kennel (and adjoining cat room) for REACH of Macon County.

Last year, REACH expressed to us the need for a kennel to house the animals that belong to their clients when they seek shelter from abusive situations. Currently, the animals are housed off-campus. Often there are children involved who don’t have access to their pets for comfort in a troubling time.

Outreach’s effort to build a kennel for REACH got a boost in January, as the Buildings Inspection Department issued a building permit for the project, and the Town of Franklin issued a Land Development Permit.

The next step is to have a concrete slab poured as a foundation for the kennel. The contractor, Charles and Son of Franklin, is expected to do the work when the weather and his schedule permit. Electricity has already been extended to the site.

If you think you can help with this project, call Bill Lee at 828-507-9977.