Staff & Organization


The Rev. W. Bentley Manning


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Kirsten Huscusson


Teresa Hollingsworth


Oscar Vanegas


The Vestry 

Diocesan Representatives

Bishop’s Advisory Committee:
Mike Kaiser, Susan Kaiser, Bill Stiefel

Cathedral Chapter Member:
Bill Stiefel

Board of Trustees of the University of the South:
Bill Stiefel

Executive Council:
Selwyn Chalker

Other Contacts


All You Give Is Love – Prayer Shawl Ministry: Midge Rothermel at 828-200-0698

Altar Guild: Janis Erikson; 828-482-2441.

Building & Grounds Committee: Selwyn Chalker; 828-200-0378

Christian Formation: Linda Arnold at 526-5857; or Martha Porter at 226-3515

Feed My Sheep Ministry: Anne Norman; 828-200-0049

Flower Guild: Ruth Claiborne  at 526-5985 or Mary Adair Trumbly at 342-1999

Garden Committee: Mercedes Heller; 828-526-9902

Gifts, Memorials, & Design Standards Committee: Darren Whatley at 526-8651

Highlands Friends of Haiti: Jane Chalker; 421-1107 or Al Brady; 526-8016

Lectors, Chalice Bearers, Acolytes: David Moore at 332-1609; Al Brady at 526-8016; or Kirsten Huscusson at 526-2968

Music: Robert Henry; 770-735-7426 or Al Brady; 526-8016

Nursery Guild: Jeannie Chambers at 526-3717

Outreach Committee: Ron Leslie at 706-782-2887

Parish Life: Michael Lanzilotta; 526-8016 or Dollie Swanson; 526-2609

Pastoral Care Committee: Vernon Skiles; 404-372-3915

Prayer List Ministry: Vernon Skiles; 404-372-3915

Stewardship Committee: Cathy Crosby at 526-4186

Ushers: Franklin Ingram; 919-801-4799

Weddings: Paula Walsh; 407-810-1641

Welcome Committee: Tom Claiborne at 526-5985

Worship Committee: David Moore at 332-1609

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