Present: Linda Arnold, John Barnhardt, Patricia Catchings, Selwyn Chalker, Jeannie Chambers, Tom Claiborne, Julie Farrow, Kirsten Huscusson, Lana Jordan, Ron Leslie, Vernon Skiles, Margaret Waters, Martha Wright. Phone: Cathy Crosby, David Moore. Visitors: Jane Chalker, Mercedes Heller

Margaret Waters began with a devotional.
CHAPEL BOOKLET – Mercedes Heller and Frank Oliver created a booklet on the chapel windows describing the images and symbolism. The booklets will be offered for a donation. They have received a quote on in-house printing from Kirsten Huscusson, and will seek out bids from Macon Printing and Dauntless Printing. Martha Wright moved for them to proceed, authorized for a cost up to $1,800.00; Lana Jordan seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

ADVENT PROGRAMS – The first Advent program on December 6th from 12:00 to 2:00 will be a program to plan the welcoming and success of the new rector. Lunch will be served.

BUILDING & GROUNDS – Selwyn Chalker informed the vestry the heat and air unit for the kitchen needs to be replaced at a cost of $9,700.00. Martha Wright proposed that the funds come from the Bell Tower Endowment. Selwyn was given the authority to proceed.

CHURCH OFFICERS – Nominees were Tom Claiborne as Senior Warden; Vernon Skiles as Junior Warden; John Mitchener as Treasurer; and Julie Farrow as Secretary. Officers will be voted upon at next vestry meeting. Lana Jordan requested nominations for someone to replace Ron Leslie. The list of 2018 ministry heads was distributed.

ADJOURNMENT – Margaret closed the meeting with a prayer.


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