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Our relationship with God is based on faith, and the important thing is not for us to have a lot of knowledge about where we are on our spiritual journey but actually to be on it. There are many spiritual disciplines that keep us progressing on the journey of finding our true selves which leads us to the center of God.


The Christian Formation Committee is sponsoring the following programs to help us grow as Disciples of Christ.


  1. Centering Prayer- Saturday, August 12th 10:00-2:00 pm


The Reverend Stefanie Taylor, an Episcopal priest, will lead our seminar on the spiritual discipline of centering prayer. Please see the next article for more details on this practice.


  1. Faith in the Second Half of Life-Wednesday; August 23, 5:30 pm followed by dinner at 6:30.


The Reverend Jane Sigloh, a retired Episcopal priest who received her master of divinity degree from Yale University, will be with us to discuss her 2nd book, Gracious Uncertainty-Faith in the Second Half of Life. Her book which will be released in October is a series of reflections that are personal, sometimes quirky, and always honest inquiries into life’s puzzles and quandaries. As thinking and faithful people, this collection of personal reflections assures us that we can achieve in age an ability to accept our limited capacity to comprehend God’s mystery while at the same time glorying in God’s love.


We will have her first book, Like Trees Walking In the Second Half of Life, available for purchase after the program.

Cost: $15 for dinner


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